Being a pianist for over 12 years, I have learnt to appreciate and play in many different musical settings. Confident in both performing in groups and solo, I am a well experienced, dedicated and collaborative musician. Please find a selection of my performance repertoire below.

Recording 1 - Spain.mp3

Spain - C. Corea

Recording 2 - Nocturne in C Sharp Minor.mp3

Nocturne no. 20 - F. Chopin

Recording 3 - Bourree.mp3

Bourree, BWV 807 - J.S. Bach

Recording 4 - Moderato.m4a

Moderato, Hob. XVI:42 - J. Haydn

Recording 5 - The Wit and Wisdom of the Night.m4a

The Wit and Wisdom of the Night - M. Tanner

Recording 6 - One by One.mp3

One by One - W. Shorter

Recording 7 - Solfeggietto.m4a

Solfeggietto - C.P.E. Bach

Recording 8 - Remote Xianggelila.mp3

Remote Xianggelila - J. Ma and N. Zhang